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The Credit Application Form enables your business to collate Customer information relevant to the credit application and obtain Customer’s consent to the terms and conditions that will govern your business grant of credit. To CustomerThe Credit Application form is in generic form and should be amended to reflect each Customer’s risk profile. This Contract template should be issued to the relevant Customer prior to extending credit.





The purpose of a credit application is to provide your business with creditor information on the person who wants them to extend credit to them in order to decide the best way to limit their risk in extending that creditYour business can increase sales by granting credit to selected clients who may choose to do business with your business because of the convenience offered by a credit account. However, allowing clients to defer payments increases the risk of bad debts occurring and draining your cash flow, so it's vital that your business identifies good customers and screen businesses with a poor credit history to minimize bad debts and avoid cash flow problems.



1. Click on the "Buy Now" button above to purchase the prepared template.

2. Once payment is made, You will receive a copy of the prepared template within 1- 3 Hours

3. Send an email to with details of how you would like to customise the document.

4.The Template will be redrafted by an Australian Legal Practitioner and Customised Document will be sent to you within 48 Hours. 

5.Call 0423018344 to speak to an Australian Legal Practitioner. Your payment entitles you to one-hour consultation.

6. Once the template is sent - we cannot refund payment. However, we will accomodate your modification and customisation request to suit your business need.







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