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    Contract Review

  • Do you need Commercial Contract Specialists to review and negotiate contracts, Statement of Work or other documents on behalf of your company?

  • Outsource Contract review, negotiation and drafting to our seasoned and experienced Commercial Contract Specialists

  • Daluch Contract Review service is flexible and on-demand

Service Features 

  • Fixed Fee Contract Review

  • Review of contractual documents, Statement of works, RFPs, RFQ's

  • Service includes contract drafting, exchange of iterated versions, negotiation with the other party until a final agreement is reached

  • Focus is on contract and financial risk management, effective allocation of contractual liability between the parties and protection of contractual entitlements .

  • We identify hidden clauses that can translate to blank cheques, unexpected charges, waive of legal right, limitation of usage and/or risk exposure. 

Benefits and Value-Add


  • Daluch Consulting's commercial contract solutions enable you focus on your core efficiency.

  • Work with highly competent contract specialists

  • Decrease your company’s contract development Turn Around Time

  • Achieve effective allocation of contractual liability

  • Daluch Fixed Pricing fosters certainty and eliminates cost blowouts

Contact Us

Tel:         1300 DALUCH

Mobile:   0423018344

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Level 11, 65 York Street
Sydney, NSW 2000


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