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    Contracts Management

    Service Features

  • Post-execution management and administration of contracts

  • Manage and monitor contract performance to eliminate breach of contract and ensure Client takes full advantage of contractual entitlements.

  • Negotiate Contract Variations and Contract Renewals

  • Manage relationship with key Contract delivery stakeholders.

  • Manage vendor performance and accountability.

  • Report on contract performance and milestones.

  • Our contract administration solution ensures that your business never spend valuable time looking for executed contracts.

  • 24/7 access to our contract repository software in the cloud.

  • Scanning of all executed contracts and upload onto contract repository.


  • Systematic digital filing of contractual documents in contract repository.


  • SLA-based Contract retrieval service

Benefits and Value-Add

 Ensures best-in- class Contract delivery services 


Maximise contractual entitlements 

 Proactively foreshadows possible breach of  contract 


Offers best value to Customer 


Manages accepted Contractual risk through robust and  proactive contract policies 


Enhance Customer experience. 


Maintain service quality, improve 
productivity and identifying opportunities for improvement and innovation. 

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