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Contract Templates

  •  Battle for Commercial Deals are fought and won on paper.

  • Show true class, present a contract template to your customer that tells them that you are serious

  • Our contract templates are drafted by  commercial contract experts practising in Australia.

Daluch Consulting can: 

  • Draft a raft of new customised contract templates tailored to meet the bespoke contracting needs of your organization.

  • Review and update existing Contract Templates.

Alternatively, you can purchase pre-drafted, generic contract templates from our website.

Contract Templates For Sale

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Contract Drafting

  • Our seasoned commercial contract specialists can put in place a suite of customised contract templates for your business, to ensure uniform contracting process


  • Draft fit-for-purpose, bespoke customer contracts, tailored to meet Customer operating environment and industry requirements


  • Alternatively, we can assist with drafting of required contract clauses to beef up an existing agreement

Contract Samples

 We can provide commercial contract support on the following agreements/matters: 


  • Software Licensing Agreements

  • Cloud Computing Agreements

  • Non-Disclosure agreements

  • Distribution/Reseller Agreements

  • Vendor/Supplier agreements

  • Master Services Agreement

  • Professional Services Agreement

  • Contract Labour Agreements

  • Teaming Agreements

  • RFP/RFQ review

  • Commercial leases

  • E-Commerce and privacy-related policies and matters

  • Corporate governance

  • Employment agreements

  • Consulting agreements

  • Sales compensation plans

  • Hiring and termination issues

  • Employee policies

  • Partnership agreements

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