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. A master services agreement is an over-arching agreement that sets out the terms and conditions under which your business will provide business to customersThe Master Services Agreement (“MSA”) is for the provision of non-bespoke, vanilla product and services by your business. It is modular i.e. different schedules focus on provisions covering particular product or service items. Each schedule is detachable. Depending on the deal requirements, the non-required Schedules can be detached from the Agreement.The MSA is for the provision of non-bespoke, vanilla services offered by your businessIts purpose is to speed up and simplify future contracts. The initial time-consuming negotiation is done once, at the beginning and it is the parties expectation that future orders or statements of work will be executed pursuant to the Master Service Agreement. MSAs are commonly used in information technology, union negotiations, government contracts and long-term client/vendor relationships. They can affect a wide area such the country or a state, with subset terms negotiated at the local level.




This Agreement applies to general supply of Services by your business whether pursuant to a Service Contract, Purchase Order, or E-Mail Exchange.The MSA shall apply each time the Customer engages your business to provide services on a recurrent basis. All services provided by your business under this MSA will be described in an order form, purchase order or statement of work (Service Document). The Service Document should specify (i) “Service Descriptions” (iii) “Technical Specification Form(s)”, (iii) any “Statement(s) of Work” (“SOW”); and other mutually agreed upon documents. The MSA and each Service Document will be interpreted as a single agreement. Services include third party products or third party branded services that is purchased by your business from a third party for resale.




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