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The Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (“POTC”) are your business’s standard terms of trade. In most cases they are presented “as is” with no expectation that the provisions will be negotiated or modified. They are time-efficient transactional documents. If your client prefers a negotiated agreement, the Master Services or Hardware Supply Agreement may be preferable. Your business can choose to accommodate slight amendments on a case by case basis – that is a business decision.





USE:POTC can be attached to a Proposal/quote document or a Purchase Order. POTC is to be issued where (i) the Customer does not have an existing negotiated agreement with (ii) there is an urgent customer engagement and Customer has no time to review the Master Products and Services Agreement (iii) the engagement with the Customer is one-off and there is unlikely to be recurring future business with the customer. Your business management should place a dollar threshold beyond which, the POTC cannot be used to document the transaction. It could be 20 000 or 50 000 AUD etc




1. Click on the "Buy Now" button above to purchase the prepared template.

2. Once payment is made, You will receive a copy of the prepared template

3. Send an email to with details of how you would like to customise the document.

4.Call 0423018344 to speak to an Australian Legal Practitioner. Your payment entitles you to one-hour consultation.

5. Once the template is sent - we cannot refund payment. However, we will accomodate your modification and customisation request to suit your business need.







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