The Reseller Agreement is used to facilitate transactions with your business or channel partners. The Reseller Agreement contract template sets out an agreement between your business and Reseller, where Reseller agrees to sell, market, distribute, or lease your business/third party products and services on behalf of your business, subject to the outlined terms and conditions. The product manufacturer/vendor retains all rights to intellectual property.This document includes standard clauses as well as opportunities for customization to ensure that the understandings of the parties are set out accurately.




This document should be used by your business in its capacity as Product manufacturer (ie to authorise Reseller to resell your business products and services) and in instances where a vendor has authorized your business to authorise other parties to resell Vendor’s products and services.This Contract Template as is, does not cater for an instance where your business assumes the role of a Reseller. It is assumed that in such instance the Vendor may require your business to sign off on Vendor’s Reseller Agreement. Also,your business should be prepared to negotiate the exclusivity provisions (with respect to Territory and specified products and services) where it acts as Reseller as well as the payment terms. Nevertheless, this template may be amended to enable your business act as a Reseller.




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