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The Software Development Services Agreement is a contract template that enables your business contract with Customer for the purpose of providing Software Development Services. It is assumed that Customer will invest in the research and development required to develop the proprietary software and as such your business will transfer ownership of the intellectual property rights in the Developed Software to Customer. This agreement identifies the term of the license, provides for proprietary rights indemnity and other warranties necessary to protect Customer’s use of the software.Software licensing presents the largest potential liability for your business and as such parties should exercise caution in amending software license provisions.




This document should be used when Customer requires your business to develop custom proprietary software from the scratch. This should not be confused with an order to create a Service Deliverable. The parties will be required to execute a statement of work specifying the details of the engagement.




1. Click on the "Buy Now" button above to purchase the prepared template.

2. Once payment is made, You will receive a copy of the prepared template within 1- 3 Hours

3. Send an email to with details of how you would like to customise the document.

4.The Template will be redrafted by an Australian Legal Practitioner and Customised Document will be sent to you within 48 Hours. 

5.Call 0423018344 to speak to an Australian Legal Practitioner. Your payment entitles you to one-hour consultation.

6. Once the template is sent - we cannot refund payment. However, we will accomodate your modification and customisation request to suit your business need.






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