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Business Negotiations - Playing To Win

"Negotiation is the art of letting them have it your way" - Italian Diplomat, Daniele Vare​


Negotiation is your key communication and influence tool inside and outside the company. The dynamic nature of business, the increasing interdependence of people within same and different organizations, complex diversity in the work place and globalization has seen Negotiation expertise become a core must-have in your professional repertoire.​​


Daluch Consulting offers a raft of courses and training on Negotiations that will enable you develop and/or fine-tune your negotiation skills


Who is it for


This is program is designed for business owners and front line business stakeholders who negotiate business deals regularly.


  • Sales Managers

  • Small Business Owners

  • Business Managers

  • HR Managers

  • Marketing Executives

  • Contract Negotiators

  • Anyone who is serious about improving their negotiation skills


Benefits & Outcome


  • Gain Insights into the specific characteristics and habits that separate Effective Negotiators from the pack


  • Be able to apply the basic concepts of negotiations in day-to-day encounter with customers, business partners and vendors


  • Create and claim value in customer transactions and deal negotiations


  • Unravel the secret of dealing with difficult negotiators/negotiations


  • Receive Negotiation tool kit to assist in analysing negotiations


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